Andy On Education


Andy's Former Student Talks About "That Guy"


A Mother on Why She Supports Andy


McHenry's Big Donors


Why Support Andy? He Knows Us.

McHenry Funded by Payday Lenders

Congressman Patrick McHenry has taken over $100,000 from payday lenders and is their best friend in Congress. That's not good.

Let's Debate in Every County

Andy Millard invites incumbent Patrick McHenry to participate in seven debates -- one in every county in the 10th Congressional District. Based on Rep. McHenry's words from August of 2015, we're confident it will happen.

Small Business From A Guy Who's Been There

Small business is sort of like renewable energy for our economy. It is produced right here at home, in our communities, and like solar power, the American spirit of ambition and innovation never runs out. But what should small business' relationship with government look like? Andy has been there, and he gives his perspective.

Andy as Seen by Others

What do you look for in a Congressman?

Volunteering Taught Me Statesmanship

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