Veterans have risked their lives and well-being to serve our nation. And while they deserve the recognition of ribbons and medals, it’s not nearly enough. It is our obligation to provide them with financial security and prompt, accessible quality health care.

It burns me up that so many members of Congress are eager to send our troops to war from the comfort of their offices on Capitol Hill without considering the full cost – not only the dollars of the war itself but also of the long-term support those troops will need and deserve once they get home. The well-publicized failures at certain levels of the VA illustrate that much more must be done to improve federally-provided services to veterans.

Still, many vets in western North Carolina tell me they are generally happy with the services they receive. As with all other issues, we must strike a common-sense balance. As your congressman, I will:

  • Consider carefully the full long-term cost, both in dollars and in human terms, of sending our troops into battle before voting to authorize the use of force.
  • Oppose plans to privatize veterans' services. This is our nation's sacred responsibility; we cannot discharge it with a voucher.
  • Support a policy of placing more veterans in leadership positions at the Veterans Health Administration.
  • Empower VHA leaders to demand accountability from those on the front lines of care.
  • Strengthen and expand the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

For more information on available veterans' benefits, click here to visit the VA's benefits page.

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