Retirement Crisis


Have you saved enough to retire comfortably? Most folks would say no. And Social Security is not enough. 

The retirement crisis is the biggest problem in this country not being discussed. I know; I’ve seen it close up in my financial advice practice. 68 million Americans have no access to a workplace retirement plan. Most of those with access to a plan aren’t saving enough, for several reasons.

It is in our national interest for every American to have the ability and wherewithal to save for a secure retirement. As your congressman, I will:

  • Support efforts to raise the federal minimum wage to at least $12 per hour.
  • Introduce legislation to create a universal retirement savings plan. See the details of my plan below.

Details of Andy’s retirement savings plan:

My plan would simplify the alphabet soup of retirement savings plans currently on the books, such as 401(k), 403(b), SEP plans, SIMPLE plans, etc. Operating in the private sector and offered through the nationwide network of financial services providers, my plan would provide every worker in America with an understandable vehicle for their retirement savings. The account would be easily transferrable from whenever the worker moves from one employer to another. Employers will have the option to match contributions; in a competitive marketplace, employers will know that offering the match will help them attract the best employees.

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