Issues: The Big Picture


Congress lost its way a while back and must find it again. We cannot afford more politics as usual, driven by sound bytes and hyper-partisanship. We need to have the hard conversations – real conversations, not the usual talking-past-each-other blather.

I’m a financial planner so I tend to think of challenges in terms of budgets and investments, neither of which Washington bothers with these days. I’ve run a business so I know we can’t simply “run government like a business,” because government has a different mission from that of a business. I've spent decades working with diverse groups of fellow citizens to make improvements in my community. So while I will bring real-world experience to bear in Congress, I will also bring wisdom and a servant’s heart that will allow me to help fulfill the mission of Congress – representing the needs of our country and our district.

Most important, I will focus my service on improving the lives of the people of the Tenth Congressional District.







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