A strong infrastructure is a vital economic resource for western North Carolina. Congress barely scratched the surface with the 2015 highway bill (not to mention that the law has no funding plan). The toll lane debacle in Charlotte illustrates the need for infrastructure investments in our area. There are 69,000 U.S. bridges in need of repair or replacement – and 125 of them are in the 10th district. As your congressman, I will:

  • Support a strong plan to rebuild our nation’s highways and bridges with special emphasis on NC’s Tenth Congressional District.
  • Include clean energy investments as part of any infrastructure plan.
  • Seek to provide assistance to municipalities in the district for the purposes of upgrading their water and sewer systems.
  • Push to expand access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet access to all corners of the district.
  • Incorporate future modes of transportation (such as autonomous cars) in the updating of roads.
  • Work to update our airports and air traffic system.

The United States became the greatest country in the world by embracing the future and taking on big, important challenges – challenges like Lincoln's transcontinental railroad, Ike's interstate highway system, JFK's moon shot. The next challenges are out there; we just need the vision and courage to tackle them.

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