We need to work toward the goal of affordable high-quality health care for all.

The Affordable Care Act was the start of that process. It has allowed 20 million previously uninsured Americans to obtain health insurance, saving many lives in the process. But there are challenges: health insurance and care costs continue to rise, some insurers are suffering losses and exiting the exchanges, and some small business owners tell me their costs have skyrocketed. We need to lower the partisan rhetoric and recognize both the upsides and downsides of this important legislation. 

As your congressman, I will:

  • Seek ways to expand telehealth options for rural communities such as those in the Tenth Congressional District.
  • Work within the ACA to strengthen and improve access to affordable health insurance for everyone.
  • Strengthen Medicare and oppose efforts to privatize it.
  • Defend women’s right to health care services including reproductive rights.
  • Work to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.
  • Expand access to health insurance for the lowest-income citizens, to include support for community health centers.
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