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Privatizing Medicare and Social Security as my opponent has suggested is a recipe for disaster. These vital programs are perfect examples of government programs that work, especially for those who need them most. They should be strengthened, not gutted.

As your congressman, I will:

  • Push to raise or eliminate the income cap for Social Security tax.
  • Vigorously oppose any attempts to privatize either Social Security or Medicare.
  • Work with colleagues on both sides to strengthen the financial position of both Medicare and Social Security for decades to come.
  • Support measures to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

Over 175,000 citizens in the Tenth Congressional District receive Social Security benefits; over 30,000 are disabled, nearly 10,000 are widows and more than 15,000 are spouses and children. More than half of married seniors (and nearly 75% of single seniors) rely on Social Security for half or more of their income; for many, it is their primary income source.

As for Medicare, I know hundreds of seniors, and I’ve never heard one of them offer to trade their Medicare for a voucher. Healthcare providers tell me that, although they wish Medicare would pay them more, it is their most reliable payer – much more reliable than private insurers.

Social Security and Medicare are more than "entitlements;" they are "essentials" for the financial security of America's seniors now and in the future.

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