On a global scale, this is the biggest issue we face. 180 countries signed this year’s Paris Accord, demonstrating that the climate debate is over. It’s time to work together to create solutions. Luckily the economics of clean energy, particularly solar, are rapidly gaining parity with traditional carbon-based sources. 

Locally, the 10th Congressional District is home to four potentially dangerous coal ash sites. We cannot let corporate interests run roughshod over the health of our citizens. I will:

  • Push for a carbon fee and dividend system such as the one proposed by the bipartisan Citizens Climate Lobby.
  • Cut tax subsidies to oil and gas companies.
  • Support a 21st-Century smart energy grid.
  • Sponsor or co-sponsor legislation to establish federal standards for coal ash safety, and give the EPA the resources they need to enforce those standards.
  • Champion full funding for our national parks.

We urgently must change how we treat our natural resources so we can proudly hand them off to future generations. They won’t protect themselves — it’s up to us.


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