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Adviser Running for Congress Wants to Protect Dodd-Frank Reforms

Candidate says clients and constituents, virtually unfazed by recent market turbulence, need a level playing field for financial advice

By Mark Shoeff, Jr.

Choppy financial markets, which are swooning again today, haven't become a topic of conversation on the campaign trail, according to a financial planner running for Congress.

The residents of the 10th district of North Carolina are a lot like the clients of Carl Andrew “Andy” Millard, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for a seat in the U.S. House. Everyone seems to be taking financial gyrations in stride.

“I have not had a voter mention it,” said Mr. Millard, owner of the advisory firm Millard & Co. in Tryon, N.C. “People have a more sanguine attitude toward markets than sometimes the popular press wants to think. Sometimes, we don't give people enough credit for being able to put things in perspective.” here to read the full article


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